And this is crazy….

Miles Today; 3.5/36:14 minutes/10:27 pace

.5 mile warm-up

1 mile cool down

Miles This Week; 9.6

Tunes of the Run; Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen (kill me).


Today was an AWESOME run. I tried to learn from the mistakes I made on my Thursday run and it turned out well.

Last night I hung out with some friends and we knocked back a few beers and shots. I made sure to be smart and drank two gatorades and a glass of water before bed. I still woke up parched and a bit groggy. I took a quick shower and drank another bottle of watered down gatorade. Then I ate a few gatorade chews and a Clif shot gel to get me out the door and on my run 🙂

It seemed to work and I felt great during this run! I tried something new and threw a towel over the treadmill where the miles and time are shown so I don’t get distracted. This worked like a charm! I ran 2.5 miles before I knew it. The machine automatically goes into cool-down after 30 minutes. I shut it off and ran another mile and felt amazing. I probably should have ran a bit more (because I felt I could), but I need to stick to this plan. Don’t want to hurt myself!

I also tried something new to me; I actually warmed up and cooled down. I normally jump right on and start pounding the miles, but this time since I knew I was a bit dehydrated from last night I decided to take the safe route. It seemed to work. The cool-down was the best part, actually. It was kind of nice to just stroll for a mile while watching American Restoration.

After that I decided to make a pit stop by the local Big Lots which is right by my gym. I was pretty famished and needed something in my belly pronto. Cue Big Lots answering my prayers!

They were giving out hot dogs and water if you donated a dollar to the troops for memorial day. I had a few things to buy in Big Lots anyways so of course I sprung for this. You better believe this was wolfed down in less than five seconds. It was so deliciously good.

I drove home and took a quick shower before making more food, because obviously I can’t eat enough after a run.

This was something I actually picked up at Big Lots, some tortellini. I have no idea where this obsession has come from, but I am totally on a tortellini kick. Put some pesto sauce on these bad boys and it’s absolutely delicious.

Also, can someone recommend a way to get songs out of your head? This dang Call Me Maybe song has been in my head for at least three days. Ugh.

And now it’s time for me to take this idiot up to the pool to cool off.

~Til next run!



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