Crappy Runs are Still Runs

Miles Today; 3.0/TM – 37 minutes

Miles this week; 6.1 miles

Tunes of the run; Er ….I don’t remember ….


Today was a day. A day of ….bad choices for running.

It started off good.


Decided to wear my compression socks under my work pants to see if it would do anything for my run. It did nothing but make my feet hot and sweaty.

Then I didn’t drink a lot of water today. And I sat outside on my lunch …without drinking water. And I didn’t eat a lot on my lunch …or before my run. I just had some almonds.

I hopped on the treadmill after work and was a bit apprehensive. My entire left arm was bothering me all day for unknown reasons, and it feels just kinda dead. That feeling would escape down to my back and legs during this run.

I ran for about a mile until I started getting sharp pains in my back and stomach. I let myself walk it out and drank some water. Around 1.3 I ran some more, but was getting more and more winded and I felt like I might just fly off the back of the treadmill. I stopped again at 2.1 and walked until 2.5. I made myself run the last half of the run, but I still felt awful.


I was headachey and sore and my stomach felt absolutely awful. I blame a plethora of things. Dehydration, not eating enough today (or before my run), that womenly time of the month ….it sucked. I didn’t want to finish, but I did. And now I need to stop beating myself up over it.

Do you have any tips to stop runners guilt? I seriously feel awful about this run and I just need to knock it off and accept that I’m going to have bad days.

In not depressing news, check out this youtube video. It features drum and bugle corps! Pretty sweet.

So what did we learn today?



3. Make sure you EAT SOMETHING before you run!

4. Taking Midol before a run = TRAGEDY

5. It’s hot out, did you hear me, DRINK MOAR WATERRRR.

I’m off to stuff my face full of food and gatorade ….hoping my long run on Saturday doesn’t suck this hard.

~Til next run!

– Robyn


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  1. I have runs like this sometimes too. I just try to think of the awesome runs I have had. Bad running days will happen once in awhile! 🙂

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