Miles Today; Nada ….slubbin it.

Miles this week; 3.1


Today was pretty nice. Work went well and fast, which is always welcome.

I finally got my hands on some nectarines. I friggin LOVE nectarines, and I finally saw them out at the store today.


Oh my freaking delicious-ness.

I decided to make another cup of  Teavana tea today. It turned out ALOT better than the cup I made last night. I still would not pay 7 dollars for two more ounces of this stuff, but I will enjoy it for now.

Hmmm ….what else have I done today …I read alot on Yahoo news? I actually read a really sad article about a man who committed suicide because his home was facing foreclosure. The worst part was that the foreclosure was brought on by a predatory loan by the servicer, causing him thousands in fees and an interest hike. It really hit home because I deal with this everyday in my job. I tend to look at things at my job as just another “report”, and forget there are real people behind those numbers and accounts.

Also read something about a woman going to Chuck E Cheese and getting wasted, and dumping salad on a child. I love people, I really do.

I’ve also come to the conclusion I am addicted to eBay. I check it constantly to see if I have new bids, even though I have the app that NOTIFIES ME when I do. It’s just so fun! I wish I had more things to sell ….I may have a problem here guys…


Took the pup up to the pool. He put his paws in and started whimpering , thus deciding he didn’t want to go swim at all. I mean, it’s all about him …right?


And here we are, slubbin’ it sitting around in some compression socks and boxers. I bring the classy every where I go.

Speaking of these socks, REALLY needs to come back in stock with the lime green. I want. No …no, I NEED.

Last, Brian and I decided it’s finally time ….after almost three years of being engaged ….we can feasibly start planning our wedding. The first thing; make a guest list. This is HARD. I’ve got my parents and sister down, oh and Brian too. Who else do I invite? Who is important enough to witness me signing myself away into misery? The world may never know. No, really …they might not …this is difficult!

So, that’s all I got. Boring as hell rest day ….what are ya gonna do?

– Til next rest!


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