My feet …they are on fire!

Miles Today; 3.1/34 minutes on the TM

Miles This Week; 3.1

Tune of the Run; Kanye West – Stronger (ew, stereotypical)


Another fabulous day in sweat-my-face off land (aka work)

Work was great today. I’m having fun while still get my shit done. It’s a welcome change from the stress filled times which were last week.

On my lunch today I went to the post office to mail some things from my eBay sale. There, I witnessed awesome. So, I went up with a flat-rate box for my nintendo DS and games. I didn’t know what size would fit it, so I just chose a pretty big box. The lady working looked at it and said, “No, I’m getting you a smaller box. You do NOT need to spend this much to ship.” So she went in the back and got me the perfect box! I would have paid 15 to ship it, but instead I paid 5! I should have got her name, that was awesome and totally made my day.

Then I got to enjoy the beautiful day before slumping back inside until 5.

I sped off at 4:55 to the gym to get my run in. I was ready to run today.

Oh hai. I’m incapable of taking a photo and not doing something with my hands. Lawl.

Remind me next time to NOT leave my gym bag in the car on hot days. My shoes were so warm, it was disgusting. I felt like they shrunk a size too, but by now they have stretched back out. This turned out to be awful for my run. The first mile was pretty good. The girl next to me was booking it so it gave me some motivation. After that, I kept staring at the mileage because my feet were SO HOT. The belt combined with the warmth of my shoes sitting in the sun was awful. From 1.0 to 2.0 my feet also felt slushy, like my socks were soaking wet. It was gross. I took a walk break at mile 2 because my feet were absolutely hating me, and I wanted to let the swelling go down a bit since my shoes decided to shrink. I pushed the last mile at a 10:20 pace but barely survived. I was light headed and crabby by the time I was done, but I had finished.

Go figure, today of all days, I FORGET MY SANDALS. Though this was probably a good thing as they would have probably shrunk too (I wear Crocs and this happened to my last pair, RIP). So, lesson learned. Take your gym bag inside, even if you look like a dweeb carrying it.

Thrilled because I could take my right shoe off to drive. My left foot was very jealous.

I sped home to shower and take off my other shoe. Ugh, seriously that was so stupid of me. PLEASE, if you learn anything from my ramblings ….do not leave your shoes in the car. And I will end my complaining ….

Now I’m settling down to try some of my tea and enjoy slaying some demons in Diablo III ….

Oh hai, you wanna shower? Sahhry I’m sleepin’ here.

And I’m out.

-Til next run!



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  1. Nothing wrong with a little cliche music to get moving 😉 And your pup is so cute! Mine is deathly afraid of the bathroom for some reason so I’d never have to trip over her on the way to the shower!

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