*clap clap ….clap clap clap*

If you read that title in a cheer leading chant voice, kudos.

Truth be told, I’m having an insanely lazy Sunday.ย  I spent the majority of my morning watching nothing but YouTube videos and the rest of the afternoon killing demons in Diablo III. I am addicted.

Pure awesome.

So, to avoid being a complete sloth today I decided to go through some of my clothes and other such things. I decided I would like to get rid of a few pairs of yoga pants and some other Victoria’s Secret clothing. I even decided to finally part with my Nintendo DS. I haven’t played it in years …it’s just time.

So I put a bunch of stuff up on eBay. I hope some of it sells, that would be pretty nice. I also am selling some of my makeup (I know that’s a little weird, but there are website dedicated to it) and that is surprisingly doing better than the clothing! I’ve already sold half of what I put up and made 110 bucks ๐Ÿ™‚

I typically sell some overflow of clothing every quarter. I had accumulated over 8 pairs of Victoria’s Secret yoga crops …and that is just not necessary. Considering I wear the same pair twice before I wash it (Stanky, I know.) So it was time to part. That makes way for MORE things I don’t need ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of that.

Someone needs to tell me I DO NOT need these shoes. They are an offshoot of the shoes I wear now, which are on a grey base with blue/green accents which are now discontinued. I want to buy these ….I need to refrain ….but I have a feeling when I get my RRS credit I’ll be buying these ….*so bad*.

Not much in the ways of running today, other than wearing my compression socks. My legs are pretty sore from my run/strength training work out. I’m kind of waddling from room to room. I need to invest in some compression shorts ruuuulll bad.

Oh! And I saw The Avengers on Thursday last week. I completely forgot to post about it. I initially only went to see this because Brian wanted to see it. I talked myself into it because I LOVE the actor who plays Thor. But, I was surprised by home much I enjoyed the movie! I recommend.

I also recommend watching Pittsburgh Dad. Well, I mean if you’re from Pittsburgh and can understand WHY it’s funny ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, WELCOME to my new followers!

And I’m out to stare at my eBay listings hoping for a few bids ….

~Til next rest (or run!)

– Robyn


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