I enjoy running, sometimes.

Miles today; TM 3.1/32 minutes

Miles this week; 8.6

Tunes of the run; My Name is Lincoln – Steve Jablonsky


Today was an AMAZING run. I’m not sure if it was all the stress of this week or what, but my run was so effortless.

I rarely looked down at the mileage (which I am notorious for) and I didn’t even stop! Well, unless you count when I unraveled the E stop clip thing and had to put it bag on. It was great. I seriously wish I could bottle this feeling up and drink it when I need it.

Can I just RAVE about these Nike capri pants? Ugh, so nice. I wish they were not 55 bucks, but … I need to invest in more! Maybe a post-5K gift to myself ….we’ll see. They are slowly replacing my tempos!

I felt SO good on this run that I decided to do some weight training afterwards. Worked on my glutes and my calves a bit, and some of the old abs. I actually used the weights at my gym! I know, crazy. There are always a ton of bulky dudes using them during the week, but there was almost no one there today so I decided to give it a go. I am feeling it right now as I sit …owwiee.

I also got some new shoes. They were, get this, 35 BUCKS after coupons/cash back from Kohls.com. I am super stoked.


Thankful to finally have another pair of shoes, if not to run with, to just use as regular old shoes or cross training.

UPDATE on the Pro Compression socks. LOVE THESE. My legs felt SO amazing the day after my run and I felt zero soreness the next day. I even wore them last night before I went to sleep (I can’t bring myself to sleep in them yet) and I attribute that to my good run today. I will surely invest in more of these in the future (I have the blue and black now). I want to try out some sleeves as well.

And now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my rigatoni.


Sorry, none for you Jordan.

~Til next run!



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