We are 0/3 on the week.

Miles today; 2.5/27 minutes

Miles this week; 5.5


I am not sure what is up with me this week but work SUCKS! I want nothing more than to be out of there at five. I must just be having one of those weeks…..

Anyways, I did my ‘short’ run of the week today.

And it sucked.

I’m pretty much positive it’s because I couldn’t get my mind off my crappy day. The first mile was torture, I kept hitting the emergency stop button ( three times to be exact) and I could just not get lost in running. I finished though, and that’s what matters.

I did get to try out my new Nike running capris. Me likely.

So after I was done with my run I decided to do some weight training on my calves and Hammies. Then I was outta there.

I did come home to a nice surprise though. I ordered a pair of compression socks from Pro Compression since they were 50 percent off and they came two days ahead of schedule! I am wearing them now as I ice my hammies so I’ll report back on how my legs feel tomorrow.


I also got a Nathan running water bottle which I am excited to give a go on my next outdoor run.

So I’m sorry for the poopy outlook on life as of late, just in a funk I suppose.

– til next run!


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