The Crappiest of Mondays

Miles Today; 3 miles/TM – 32:42

Mile This Week; 3 miles

Tune of the Run; Cliffs of Dover – Eric Johnson


Ever have one of those days where you’d rather do nothing? Yep. I sure did.

Work was painfully slow today. I wasn’t into it today, I was over it. It was gloomy and rainy, but I forced myself to walk to the small mall by my work on both my breaks.


Lunch! My coworker got Wendy’s for lunch and I was super in the mood for spicy chicken. I thought I’d be “good” and get the salad. It was not very good. The chicken was cold and the salad had no flavor. Next time, just gonna get the sandwich.

Finally it hit 5:00 and I was out the door to the gym!


Clearly, my spacing skills are lacking when taking photos.

The whole thought process on my run was, “I made it through this shitty ass day, I can run a measly 3 miles”. And I did. I only stopped once at the 2nd mile to stretch my ankle and drink some water. I think the best part of my run was that everyone on all the treadmills next to me was walking. I like to “show off” when others are just walking. Gives me kind of an ego boost I guess 🙂 I decided to run a bit fast than normal this time, kicking out some 10:20 and 10:30 miles (oh baby baby!)


For whatever reason, only one treadmill at the gym goes up to 40 minutes …so I was able to snap a proof pic.

After I was done I ripped off my shoes and went right into my sandals. Oh boy, cramp city on my right toes. I HATE that feeling …but it was over soon enough. Got home, ate a peach (would have rather a banana but they are all GONE!) and showered.

And it’s high time I get some foods in mah belly.

-Til next run!



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