A Rainy Rest Day

Today was a bit boring. And rainy. I thought about going to the gym to get a quick elliptical run in, but decided to be a sloth and not do anything until 1pm.

The party last night was great. Drank some beer, housed some hotdogs, and watched someone crack a fire whip. Yep. Guess what Brian wants to do now?

So instead of laying around all day, I decided to hit up an outdoor mall. I know what you’re saying, an outdoor mall when it’s raining? Well, it has awning on the walkway so I was all good. I had been wanting to go to this mall again for two reasons; 1) It has a TJ Maxx, Ross AND a Marshall’s and I needed some bargain hunting and B) I wanted Sushi, and this had a sushi place.

So I drove down and dove into Ross. Nothing really there. I was looking for another pair of Gel-Equation Asics. I know I was really being picky here. Then I went into Marshall’s where I saw some Minuazo Wave Rider 14’s for 40 BUCKS! I do not know why I didn’t snatch them up. I think it may have been the neon pink color, and the fact I wasn’t entirely read up on them and if they’d work well with my supination tendencies. Then, in Marshall’s I was SO CLOSE to my beloved Asics. They had some in size 11.5’s, but that was all. No 10’s. I almost cried. It was very sad.

I also saw some Nike shorts I liked, but then had to remind myself that I have 8 pairs of tempos at home….

This was what I walked away with. Combs …yaaaaaya. More of those Clif gels (I am planning on using half of each for my longer runs on Saturdays. I really hate eating before exercising, and these things actually seem to be combating that.) I also got some of those gatorade chews, they were on sale for 2 for 3 at my super market. Last, I got some Women’s Running action …woot woot.

Ommmmm nom nom california rolls. (AKA not real sushi but IDGAF)

And then last on my list of “errands” was my least favorite, gas. But this time;

This is nearly 8 bucks cheaper than usual …. I was thrilled. Granted my tank wasn’t completely empty (usually takes a full 11) but I DONT CARE! 🙂

All in all, it was a pretty good day. I ended up walking a total of 2 miles around the mall so I guess this counts as an EZ rest day 😉

And last but not least;

My Hordie Druid finally dinged level 70 (see above photo for proof of 69 …hehe. I was too peroccupied with dying when I hit 70.)

-Til Next Run!



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