Good Ol’ 4.1

Miles Today; TM – 4.1 miles/50 min total

Miles this week; 10.92

Tune of the Run; Zack Hempsey – Mind Heist (Inception Trailer Theme)


Woo hoo, 4.1 miles on the day!  I wish I had a treadmill stats shot but A) I STILL haven’t figured out how to program our mills to allow a run over 30 minutes (thus had to start two sessions to get in the full 4) and B) the machine instantly shuts off after you’re done, and no stats display anymore. LAME!

Same reason why I don’t know my pace. I ran alot of the 3.1 at a 10:54 mile, but the last mile was at 10:30. Although, throw in a few minutes of walking.

Anyways, I initially set out to run outside, but this morning I had a horrible case of morning throat (with all kinds a good gunk up in there) and my throat was a bit sore from allergies, so I headed down to my gym.

The first 2.5 miles were OK. I walked a minute after the first 1.5 and then another minute after the 2.5 mark. I then chugged along to finish the 3.1.


Sleeves up, post run.

In my mind I was done at 3.1. I was tired and needed a bit of a walk out. So I turned on a slow-ish song from my iPod playlist and walked 4 minutes to it. Then, for whatever reason when it switched songs to Mind Heist, I was running again. I didn’t feel tired, and I said to myself, “Well alright, lets go for 3.5!” And I did. At 3.5 I took another quick minute walk break and said again, “Hm, not so tired, let’s go for 4!”. And so I did. The second session was a 1.0 mile total and the first was 3.1. After the second I thought I could go even further, but decided to walk it out.

I think this may be one of the first time’s I’ve hit a runners high on the treadmill? Whatever that was, I want it AGAIN. I want to go run tomorrow and pound out 4 more. But I’m going to be a good girl and cross train.

After that I ran to the table off the side of the gym and ripped off my shoes. I had tied them WAY too tight and my poor feetsies were swelling something fierce. It felt amazing to take them off, and an even better idea by me to bring my Croc sandals to change into. Totally doing this from now on. (Though I’m sure the gym employee wishes I would not).

Then I got home and showered and into some sweats. I iced down my thighs and then my ankles which needed some loving. Felt awesome. Clearly, I don’t invest in high quality ice packs when you can use socks and some 2.99 ‘fake’ ice cube packs from Target.

All in all, a great run. And I’m off to get ready for a party celebrating the 42nd day of May. Trust me on this one ….

Last, check out my awesome desktop background. And the nerdiness on said desktop.

-Til next run!



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