Weening off the ‘Mill

Miles Today; Outside – 2.03/21:33

Miles this week; 3.03

Fave Tune of the Run; Gotye – Somebody that I used to Know.


So, today was my first run outside since the 5K. I enjoyed it, but I remembered instantly why it sucks. Allergies.

Ok, they weren’t TOO bad. But I just want to complain. Because I don’t want to admit I like running outside.

I had to come around sometime, I suppose.

I ran a quick 2.03 (3K) miles, 21:33 minutes with a pace of 10:37. Not bad, up from my usual of 11:20. I wanted to take it easy today, my left ankle is giving me a little grief. I snipped it while walking the dog yesterday and it still hurts a bit when I plant it. Nothing some ice wont fix. I’d have liked to make it to three miles, but it probably didn’t help that it was 82 degrees and humid as hell out. I’m slowly coming to grips that I may need to wake up early to run …I HATE running in heat.

I also did something different, I ran with a running fanny pack. And my hips HATED me for it. I blame it on the pack I had. I stole my mom’s dog-walking fanny pack (to house poop bags and doggy treats)….and it bounced SO much and I had to pull it across my hips for it to stay. OUCH! Totally looking in to those running packs. I’ve come to grips with the fact that I will NOT run outside without my keys and phone, and I’ll need one of these to accomplish that.

Before I went on my run I tried one of these bad boys. I realize that I do NOT need these, especially for such a short run. But I saw them. They were on sale. I was intrigued, and I figured I could use it in place of my usual half -a-Clif bar. The other (big) reason was because I actually meant to leave it at work, but it was in my purse.  And it being 85 degrees out, and knowing it would be in my hot ass car for an hour or so, I didn’t want to risk it exploding all over God’s creation (my ’95 subaruuuuu). So I nommed it.

This shit is like FROSTING. DELICIOUS CAKE FROSTING. So good. I will totally be stocking up on these once I up my mileage, or decide on doing a half. As for the energy boost, I’d say it was certainly there. I work a desk job, and it’s really hard for me to gather the energy to run sometimes; I just feel so sluggish leaving work. I felt (here I am repeating myself AGAIN) that I could have ran more, and this kept me feeling full during my run. I’m not even ravenous right now (which I normally am right after ..NOM NOM SGEHHTISSS). Totally recommend.

Mmmmm….sexy white-ness. Hello work bathroom stall, and longest mirror in the office.

Honestly, how can you NOT enjoy running by the city of Pittsburgh? It was a wonderful trail.

Oh hai geeseees!!

All in all, a good day. I’ve officially decided to train for a 10K! I’m using this schedule to train. I think I’m going to start it next week so I can recover a bit, and also because the 10K I plan to run is late September, so I have plenty of time.


And some FOOD PORN. 10 for $10 Nugoooooooooos …holla holla!

And I’m off to shower , yinz guys. I stank.

‘Til next run!



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